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FALL 2017:

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Here is a short story of the paths of my life: I started as a musician, singing being my main instrument. I got my Master of Music degree (Sibelius Academy) in 1985.  Partly because I’ve always been interested in anatomy, physiology, body and mind etc. (concerning specially voice and singing) and also because my own vocal problems I trained to become a massage therapist, an osteopath and a Voice Massage –therapist in early 90’s (later VoiceWell-practitioner). So I’ve been working with singers, wind instrument players and other musicians as well as anyone with bad bite (malocclusion), TMJ-problems, back pain, etc. for almost 25 years already!

 I’ve always used all my knowledge and skills for clients’ best. I’m eager to learn more all the time and I want to know the possible causal connections concerning health (body and mind) and vocal problems.  

The balance between body and mind is important. What your feelings are now, what kind of feelings and experiences have you had earlier in your life, what your beliefs are etc. make you what you are today. Also the stuck emotional feelings and beliefs may affect your well being today!  Those stuck energies in your mind make your body tense; your jaw muscles ache from biting so hard from the anxiety, anger, fears etc. The lump in your throat or the strangling feeling around it may come from depression, grief and sadness. Hyperventilation may come from over excitement, negative memories, stage fright or guilt.

I'm also a qualified Asahi-instructor. Asahi is based on tai-ji or chi qonq but is "further developed" in western style to suite us westerners better. Asahi is a part of healthy way of living preventing harmful kind of stress, injuries and helping you to be aware on yourself. 

Please contact me for further information!
Kirsi Vaalio
VoiceWell-practitioner, osteopath, Master of music
+358 400 433 629
VoiceWell-center, Humalistonkatu 5 B 26, ground level, 00250 HELSINKI

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